Sunday, August 27, 2006

part I: Conciousless

All the torment those words have caused
Falling into my ear

I can hear everything he says

Though I can't speak his language

It's like, our minds are blended in one
I am losing myself again
I am giving part of me to Death

I dive into a nothingness

Though the tide is guiding me

The vortex is swallowing my thoughts
The time has stopped the clock
I am losing my senses

Frozen acid burning my eyes
Falling in form of tears

I can't see his face

But I know the mean

I've been wandering through the nights...
...I have been starting with a pain
...I went to a dark room
Where I found my way

The entire way is crooked
As my life spins in confusion

I have found the place to stay.

part II: Wordless Pain

Pleasure to find a sun shining
The river flowing down to ocean
How the dots get together
In a line of comotion

As this line guides his path
His words are meaningless
It is more like cries
Of an abandoned child

Besides the history
The hell is not the end...

part III: Hell

The ghost have suffered while alive
No words can explain his sadness
It is like all his love wasn't enough
To win a heart

To win a heart

Betrayed by his own
Killed by the taunt
Of being an evil spirit

So he goes straight to hell
Where all his sins shall be paid
It's nothing but all the price
Of the things he have gained

But with all this love, why does he deserve a hell?
Just like a drop, he went e fell
Falling into a whirpool
In the middle of the ocean

Just to win a heart

That hurted him so much

It's like living
Like learning
But was he wrong?
What does he have done?

The love is gone
Within a whisper
His words were one

All this pain
To win a heart

part IV: Linked

A heart beats in the middle of that ocean
The warm of the body is growing
"He's alive doctor, he's alive"
Then he opens up his eyes

But he falls again in coma
Like pushed back to darkness
In a vortex he drowns
And sleeps overnight

It's so unfair
Why having so much love to give?
Why all this pain gripping?
Why holding all the screams?

Without mean, without mean

I hear his words, the phantom is right behind
It's like his hands are on my shoulders
Driving me to an endless corridor
Where I find two doors

He takes my hand, and I turn the knob

He takes a breath, I close my eyes

But the scene is like a memory
Of yesterday

The young man embracing the woman
And I can see his virtue inside his eyes
Reflecting a passion never seen
Loving her with his own life

They're both blind
Just enjoying the silence
While they share kisses
And pleasure smiles

But like flash, the ghost took me out from there

I see that youngster fading
While walking through a haze

I would like to follow his steps...

partV: Unrecoverable

Clouds are hiding the moon
The night is black
No single flash of light
No single whisper of life

While there's a young man sat
On the edge of the bridge
He seems to be sad
As the darkness covers his head

I hear weeping cries
I would like to help out but
Can I interfere in his fate?

But when I look again,
There's a woman behind him
She seems to talk with that creature
That howls like a wolf

I hear his screams
I would like to calm him down but
Can I control the destiny?

He gets up
He looks at her face
I can hear his scream
"Don't care about me
I'll take the bond to a place
Where my love will be my slave
And where I won't be limited by my dreams"

He broke the history
He cursed his life
All I can see is the moon that now shines
Enlightens his body
And to a deep abyss he dives

partVI: Last Words

A wet bed
My body soaked
Sweated all night
And a feeling surrounds me

I have felt like I died
And my soul had a second chance
Like a music that stops in the middle
And changes the rhythim for the dance

Then I feel like a whisper
Falling into my ears

"I still love her"